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The Puzzle of Motivation

The Puzzle of Motivation by Dan Pink examines a motivational fact that social scientists know but most managers have no clue exist.¬†The¬†moral¬†is that most often than not, cash incentives make people worse at what they do.¬†Being told about some “carrots and sticks” doesn’t motivate people to perform at peak efficiency in creative tasks, instead you want to promote and focus on ‘autonomy, mastery, and purpose’.

Now, to get anywhere in life, we must be motivated in every way possible; and motivated to do whatever it takes to get there. To get motivated, we must first have the “burning desire” (as Napoleon Hill put it) to push ourselves beyond the comfort zone and all the barriers we are bound to face now and in the future.

Once we set our sights on achieving anything, obstacles will definitely present themselves and the motivation to keep going is what will make the difference. So if your goal is to become something in life, to build a successful business or whatsoever, WE BELIEVE motivation is one of the secrets that would get you there.