Offer Terms

Terms and Condition of the Offer:
  • This offer only includes the Setup of Brand New WordPress Setup as per features listed on this page.
  • This offer does not includes the migration of your existing WordPress Blog from another host or migration of your domain to the new host.
  • If you are looking to migrate your existing WordPress website, please contact us before you make a purchase.
  • Customization of the themes, plugins or any other customizations are not available.
  • WordPress Blog will comes with Demo Theme Content, Logo and Images.
  • The default theme will comes with dummy content which you can delete at any time.
  • You will need to edit the Content, Logo Files, Images on your own.
  • The Available Plugins, Themes, Features available under "Free WordPress Blog Setup Offer" can be changed, altered at time without prior notice.
  • Ads Credit is provided by the Hosting Provider, therefore we don't have any control if you have any problems with your Ads voucher. Please Contact your Hosting Provider. 
  • Any assistance and support related to your hosting account will be provided by your hosting provider.
  • Normally the process of setting up the WordPress blog takes 1-3 working days. But sometimes, it can take longer if the details provided via the "Free Blog Setup form" is incorrect or incomplete, You Hosting Account is inaccessible or because  any other reason outside of our control.
  • All the "WordPress setups" are tested prior to delivery, but we cannot guarantee 100% compatibility with all the device (Like Different Operating Systems, Browsers, Smartphones & Tablets).
  • Free Premium WordPress Blog bundle is for your personal use and you can use it on as many websites or blog you personally own. But you cannot redistribute or resell our Premium WordPress Bundle for Free or for any incentive.
No Ongoing Support
  • This plan does not includes ongoing support. You have to use WordPress forums or seek help from professional if run into any problem.
  • If for any reason the plugin (Free or Paid) stops working, we will not be able to provide any support.
  • If for any reason your WordPress blog stop working or functioning properly, we will not be able provide any support or assistance.
  • Premium/Paid Theme & Plugin updates are not available. In other words, you cannot update the version of the Theme or Paid Plugin provided.


  • Please always keep the Backup of your Original WordPress Blog, before started to modify any files or making any changes.
  • If you have just started using WordPress or you are new to WordPress. We would always recommend you to not to install any new themes or plugins before you have a real grasp of the WordPress platform.
  • The Free WordPress Bundle is designed for you to start your Personal Self Hosted blog out of the box by just adding the content via posts and pages.
  • Although we have tried our best to offer you the best possible service, fastest turnaround and tried to squeeze as much as goodies as we can. But we always recommend you to consult professional WordPress developer, if you are serious about blogging.

Please note that the above Terms are for the "Free WordPress Setup". Please visit our "Terms and Conditions" page for the our Website terms.