Social Sharing Boosts Email Marketers

How Social Sharing Boost Email Marketing

It’s been a while now since social media took its place as one of the most effective components of internet marketing. Many marketers have reported news of gaining huge SEO success and high website traffic from using social media sharing alone. Combine that with the long proven email marketing and ...

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Automatic Lead Scoring and Grading

Automatically Scoring and Grading your Lead

One of the most common traits among B2B marketers is that they are all overworked and understaffed. By scoring and grading inbound leads, marketers can do more with their limited resources by increasing the rate at which they close sales while freeing up sales and marketing staff to focus on ...

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A Beginner’s Guide to Domain Names

Beginners Guide to Domain Names

Find out everything you need to know about domain names today.of, one of the leading providers of domain names and related services took it upon themselves to create a well detailed infographic which highlights everything you need to know about domains. The infographic compares the effectiveness of TLDs (top level domains) ...

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Understanding the Impact of Customer Service

Effective Customer Service

As the saying goes “First impressions last forever”. First impressions are equally as important in business as it is in other areas of life. In business, most first impressions occur as a customer service to a client. If the service leaves the customer unimpressed, the company is bound to lose ...

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