An Introduction to PPC Advertising and PPC Terms

PPC Advertising Text Cloud

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a form of search engine marketing whereby website owners or marketing companies pay for traffic that is sent to their websites via a search engine such as Google. Marketers pay for every click or impression garnered by their ads, hence the name “PPC ads”. With pay-per-click ...

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Top 5 Paid SEO Tools for Effective Results

Google SEO with Traffic Trend Going upwards (Red Color)

There are countless SEO tools out there; some of them free while others are paid premium tools. That why we put together the List of 5 Paid SEO Tools. Obviously, the paid tools tend to be more efficient by allowing users analyse and monitor several parameters; even though some of ...

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How to Win the SEO Game after Google Penguin Update

Dancing Penguin with Google Logo, Text Google Update

Chances are you already know what Google’s Penguin update is unless of course you are new to SEO and internet marketing in general. It was a new Google search engine algorithm which resulted in many websites and pages being penalised because they violated Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. When the Google Penguin ...

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5 Smartphone Apps to Aid Your Productivity

Smartphone with Flying Apps - White Background

Productivity Apps for your Smartphone CUE Need help organizing your day? Cue is designed to help you do just that. The app seamlessly links all your accounts like Gmail, Calendar, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, and other networks together to help you get a realistic view of what your day will look like so ...

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