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Pay it Forward

Pay it Forward – Because it works – Try it Yourself

The world can seem like a friendly and unfriendly place at the same time. In the course of a single day, we could see ourselves feeling lucky in every way only to feel terribly sad within a very short interval. For some, it is easy to maintain the lucky state for a very long time while for other the emptiness and difficulty life presents threaten to deprive them of enjoying the best things in life.
If you were to ever get the chance to ask anyone who seems to be lucky at every turn in life why it seems to be so for them all the time, many of them will tell you that it is because they give back in many folds, they “pay it forward”.
Pay it forward is a philosophy whereby the beneficiary of a certain good deed repays it to others instead of repaying to the original benefactor. The concept as we know it has been around for quite some time, but the phrase “Pay it Forward” may have been coined in a 1916 book by Lily Hardy Hammond, titled In the Garden of Delight.

So if you feel the need to change your fortune and make your life better, consider practicing the “pay it forward” philosophy and see what changes come into your life. While the steps might be simple, the outcome could create a sense of luck and good will that changes the world, a bit like a ripple effect.

How to Pay it Forward

  1. Always be on the lookout for someone in need of a random act of kindness. It might the old lady heading out of the supermarket or someone you see in a restaurant or cafe who could use some help paying his/ her bills.
  2. Do something nice for someone you hardly know or don’t know at all.
  3. Spread the word. If after helping someone they try to repay you, make them realise you helped because you believe in the act of paying it forward and then tell them to do a random act of kindness to 3 other people and have them too spread the message.
  4. Pay it forward. When you notice someone has helped you out in anyway, make it a priority to once again pay it forward; and the cycle will continue.

We strongly believe, honour and support the pay it forward philosophy and we encourage you and anyone who comes across our website to give it a try too. We have created this page as a reminder to us, and perhaps you, to use the philosophy as a means of making the world a better place.