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Go Open Source

The concept of Open Source Software is not all that new but has considerably accelerated over the past few years, as it represents one of the most significant technology adoption process today.

It is no wonder then that industry research found that 40% of Chief Information Officers (CIO) today say their company have committed to Open Source Software (OSS), while 70% said they are increasing their company’s investment in OSS and 40% expect to migrate mission-critical software to Open Source Software.

By Open Source Software, we’re referring to computer software that are available in source code form; which means they can be inspected, changed and configured to undertake specific tasks that the user sees fit. By open Source, it also means the software may be configured and distributed freely according to industry standards.

One known good example of Open Source software is WordPress on which this website of ours is based. The platform allows you and I and everyone else to create stunning websites while others create other software packages (plugins) to increase and improve the functionality of websites based on the platform.

Obviously, that means we support and encourage the use of open source software technologies 100%. We believe that by adopting open source, we are breaking free from the old constraints we encounter with conventional close-source software technologies