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Go Local

Go local” is when people choose homemade or homegrown products over others not made within their local area.Demand for everything local has steadily increased over the past years. Things like locally grown agricultural produce and food products are up there in this category as we see in the video above. That aside, would you rather pay for a plumber who services your local area or one from other parts of your country or state, far away from you?Truth of the matter is, you will prefer to go local. Why? Because anything local is bound to be cheaper compared to anything from other parts of your state/ province, other parts of the country or even from overseas is often much cheaper. In the case of things local agricultural produce, you can find them fresh and straight off the farm on the same day.Local produce are cheap because the cost of transportation and packaging are much less or non-existence compared to imported ones. And by going local, you help support your local community which will in turn lead to growth over time.We promote and encourage the “Go Local” phylosophy and we do our best to practice it ourselves, when we can. So, the next time you’re out in the flee market or shopping for anything, support your local community by buying from them.When we go local, we give ourselves and community the chance to grow.