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Go Green

By “Go Green“, we mean do something that would contribute to the ongoing quest of saving our beloved planet.In saying so, what is your business doing to contribute to that quest? And what are you, as an individual, doing for your environment? Some companies are known to have offered to plant a tree in a third world country for every customer who spends up to a certain amount for their products or services. Others have taken steps to reduce or eliminate their overall carbon footprints by encouraging their workers to carpool or ride a bike to work rather than each having a car while most companies have adopting the act of recycling everything that is recyclable.The point is, to “go green” —  how ever small the task might be, we encourage you and all our followers to do something each time the opportunity arises to contribute to the betterment of the environment. You don’t have to plant a tree in Africa but you sure can recycle papers you use in your office area or put that plastic drink bottle in the recycling bin rather than leave it on the side of the road.

If you and I and everyone else practice one simple act such as the above, we all will likely go down as the unsung heroes of the planet earth. So, GO GREEN today!