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Go Cloud

Go Cloud” is an acronym (or should we say short phrase) we use to encourage individuals and businesses to adopt cloud computing — a form of technology that is currently taking the IT and computer world by storm as it gains momentum from day-to-day.

Cloud computing, in its simplest for, is a technology that allows individuals and businesses to use, share and store files, data and applications over the internet. It is the use of remotely held computer resources (hardware and software) over a network, usually the internet.

Companies who provide cloud computing, e.g. Google (with their Google Apps), allow you and I to access the software over the internet. It means cloud computing services may be accessed via a desktop computer, smartphones and other mobile devices with access to the internet.

Being the next stage in the evolution of the Internet, cloud computing provides the means through which everything — from software applications, work collaborations and business processes to computing power and hardware infrastructure — can be delivered to you as a service wherever and whenever you need.

Cloud computing has four essential characteristics which can be equally classified as its benefits. This :

  • Cloud computing is flexible and scaleable
  • It can be secure and affordable
  • It can be secure
  • It can be affordable
  • It’s open (or closed) — meaning you can easily move your cloud around without being locked into a single provider (or closed, proprietary technology that cannot be moved around)

So, if you’re not already using full-scale cloud computing in your day-to-day business and/ or personal life, why not “go cloud” today and see how much good it would do for you.