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Spread Happiness

Happiness is an emotion we all desire and wish for our loved ones. However, as the world advances, more and more people are becoming less happier; perhaps because we now have more to do each day with very limited time. We have the need to build a successful career or business while at the same time spending time with our family and friends and keeping our social media pages up to date. We are faced with the dilema of using the never ending streams of technology to better our lives and businesses.

In the process we have all fallen prey to the “happiness sucking” activities in life. Fortunately, the best way to gain our happiness back is to make someone happy by putting a smile on their face, right now. In the process of doing so, you make yourself a little happier and that person will potentially spread the happiness across to someone else’s life and the process continues — more like a ripple effect. To increase the happiness you feel and elongate the feeling, all you need to do is put a smile on more people’s faces and do that everyday.

Our mission is to do one simple act that would spread happiness each day.