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Top 5 Paid SEO Tools for Effective Results

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There are countless SEO tools out there; some of them free while others are paid premium tools. That why we put together the List of 5 Paid SEO Tools. Obviously, the paid tools tend to be more efficient by allowing users analyse and monitor several parameters; even though some of the good ones out there will generate enough data to help any knowledgeable marketer win in the SEO game.

In this short article, we will be introducing what we believe to be the top 5 paid SEO tools that will help you generate effective search engine optimization results, while at the same time saving you plenty of time and ultimately money. They are:

Raven Tools:
Raven Tools provide a bunch of tools to help internet markers and consultants get the best out of their marketing activities. Such tools include SEO Management, Social Management, SEO Link Building, PPC Management, Social Media Monitoring, etc. It is a complete stop for your marketing needs. Its SEO Management tool allows you to find and store 1000s of keywords to aid your SEO endeavors and it helps you to collect data about a website’s performance for easy analysis.

Web Ceo:
Web Ceo is a leading SEO online-based software, claimed to be used over 960,000 businesses around the world. With Web Ceo, marketers can research countless keyword niches, promote the site on the web and analyse the site’s performance. With its easy-to-implement SEO tasks from the Web CEO To-Do List, it shows you what you need to do to increase the performance of your website. Aside from that, the software allows you to automate SEO routines such as rank checking, back link checking, site quality audit and more.

Backlink Profiler:
Backlink Profiler digs deep into a site’s static and backlinks and provides detailed reports that are perhaps the most comprehensive SEO report out there. It allows you to check and analyse a number of key SEO factors such as anchor keyword density and anchor text breakdown, Google Author ID for backlinks, PageRank, ACRank, links from unique C classes, Seomoz Page and Domain Authority, and so much more. All of these, especially the anchor keyword density, are data that are definitely essential in determining the state and health of a website. The reports can be used as a guide to building healthy backlinks and carrying out other important SEO activities.

SEMRush was created with professional search and marketing experts in mind. It tracks an enormous amount of organic data in Google and Bing’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). With SEMRush, users are able to check Google and Bing search results and analyse the top 20 competitors in their niche, up to 95+ million organic keywords. The software collects data on both a domain level as well as landing page rankings for just about every keyword it tracks, and it is capable of providing you with an in-depth look into how a website REALLY stacks up in search.

Social media are increasingly becoming important players in search engine optimisation. In SEOMoz you have a software that combines SEO management, social media monitoring, actionable recommendations, and a whole lot more in one very-easy-to-use platform. The software is capable of analyzing your website and its pages and suggesting recommendations on what needs be done to improve your rankings. It also allows you to carry out competitive analysis and continuous improvement so that your website remains in the highest possible position in the search engines.

Although we see similarities between all of the top 5 SEO tools we have discussed here, we believe some of them are more user friendly and provide more easy to understand data than the others. For example, SEOMOZ and SEOMOZ is much more popular than most of the other tools; one because they have been around for quite some time and two, because they provide considerably easy to manipulate user interface.


  1. I also used Raven Tools to find new keywords, and it was very informative to see the top 10 competitors for every keyword. I am still using CognitiveSEO to monitor the backlinks of my competitors, but I have now switched to the free trial period of ColibriTool. It seems that this tool includes all the features you mention. I am yet not sure if I will stay at Colibri and resign from the additional tools I’m using, but for this moment, it seems to be that the people in Poland are doing a quite nice job. If you want to try it, it’s available here: colibritool.com”

  2. Prabal Chowdhury

    Thanks for sharing such a good list. But I would like to introduce you with my favorite colibritool. It provides checking facilities of your position and performances . It will analyze hundreds of your competitors and find niches for your online business. It will search for your backlinks and linking domains.I hope you will be using it like me.

  3. Thanks for the writeup and mentioning the main players of SEO industry here. There is one more to add, namely SEO PowerSuite toolkit – it includes tools for rank tracking, advanced competitor research, on-page and off-page SEO.

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