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PPC Advertising

We are experts in PPC advertising & we provide tips, tricks and tools to help you with your pay per click ads. In this category of TrendMarketers.com, we have taken the time to select some of the best and latest PPC advertising related infographics. View them, and please leave quality comments at the bottom.

3 Must Have PPC Advertising Tools

  The truth of the matter is, not every marketer out there has the money, access or resources needed to adopt premium search engine marketing tools such as RavenTools, WordStream, HitWise and Omniture. Although these premium PPC advertising tools are all great and perhaps much easier to use, the same ...

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An Introduction to PPC Advertising and PPC Terms

PPC Advertising Text Cloud

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a form of search engine marketing whereby website owners or marketing companies pay for traffic that is sent to their websites via a search engine such as Google. Marketers pay for every click or impression garnered by their ads, hence the name “PPC ads”. With pay-per-click ...

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