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Social Sharing Boosts Email Marketers

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It’s been a while now since social media took its place as one of the most effective components of internet marketing. Many marketers have reported news of gaining huge SEO success and high website traffic from using social media sharing alone. Combine that with the long proven email marketing and you have a winner and a gem in terms of driving traffic to your site and converting them into sales and profits.

It is no wonder then that GetResponse — a social-media-email marketing solution that helps users create, send and monitor high-converting email campaigns in minutes — took the time to study the effect of social sharing on email marketing results. The results are summarised in the infographic below. Aside from indicating the obvious fact that there are more active email users than there are social media users, they found that by combining social media with email marketing, marketers reported a 6.2 increase in click-through rate (CTR) compared to the 2.4 CTR gained from conventional email marketing.

Social Sharing Boosts Email Marketing

Social Sharing and Email Marketing

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