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The Contentious State of B2B Content Marketing

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MarketingProfs recently collaborated with Content Marketing Institute to conduct a study on the state of B2B marketing, for which they have highlighted the result in the form of an infographic titled “The Contentious State of B2B Content Marketing”. The study reveal fascinating insights into how B2B marketers in North America are using content marketing techniques and the biggest challenges they face. Although the report focuses on North American marketers, like many things, the results may be extrapolated to other parts of the world to get a fair bit of idea regarding the topic.

In the report (the infographic below) you will see that B2B marketers are today spending more, using more techniques, and distributing their content on more social networks than they have prior to now. Another point that is of note from the survey is the fact that roughly 90% of respondents are doing some form of content marketing, but are not necessarily doing it in the most effective way possible.

The B2B content marketing infograhic below clearly shows us that content marketing is not something that should be take for granted. It also reveals that B2B marketing will continue to be a driving force for marketers for many years to come, while at the same time indicating that many are still struggling to find a content marketing process that works for them.

B2B Content Marketing

B2B Content Marketing



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