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Domain Names 101 – Understanding Domain Names

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No 2 domains are created equal and what does your domain say about you and your business? Does it say you are the expert and king of your niche or does it say you are simply one of the many who arrived the playing fields late?

Domain Name Sales took it upon themselves to create a detailed infographic showing the importance of a good domain name. As shown below, it is believed that a business with the domain name “CupCake.com” is considered a leader in its industry while another with the domain name “Cup-Cake-Store.com” is nothing short of one that arrived in the market a little later, after the authority name was no more.

They have also compared .com, .net, .org, etc domain extensions. The obvious result was that .com domains are considered more powerful compared to the others. Check out the image below to understand their rationale.

Domain Names 101

Domain Names 101

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